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A Čistá duša has many soul mates


For the fourth time, the invited guests met in the picturesque surroundings of the family pension and restaurant Kalvín Restaurant  & Pension in Rastislavice. Beautifully decorated spaces with pleasant summer weather created a romantic evening atmosphere. Despite the originally canceled deadline for COVID-19, which was to take place in 19th of March on name day Jozef, the organizers spontaneously reached the deadline of August 6, which is dedicated to the female version of this name - Jozefína. When...

A modern residential area is being built a short distance from Prague. You will find there a village room and city comfort


Regular blood donation in the stylish Kalvín guest house will not stop even COVID 19.


O. M. C. Invest launched also in those during those hard times the construction of a modern residential area in the village of Smilovice in the Czech republic.


The Slovak development company O. M. C. Invest s.r.o. despite the current uneasy situation, it launched the construction of a modern residential area, which will consist of 29 single-family houses in the village of Smilovice, part of Újezdec, in Czech republic. The construction of the first phase began in spring 2020, planning to the construction of 17 houses and should be completed in the course of one year. In parallel, according to the economic development and other important factors should begin...

To have a place to rest your head - the stylish Penzion Kalvín offers relaxation in the wellness center and gastronomic experiences that create wellbeing and a better place to live.


Kalvín Restaurant & Penzion in Rastislavice, situated only 2 km from the thermal waters in Poľný Kesov , started fulfilling their plans even in these uneasy times effected by the coronavirus COVID-19.   Increased demand for accommodations in the Penzion asked for the enlargement of its capacity. The owners decided to "sacrifice" the existing office space and build a new Luxury family spa apartment. The apartment will be decorated in the top-of-the-line modern style providing quiet and...