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To have a place to rest your head - the stylish Penzion Kalvín offers relaxation in the wellness center and gastronomic experiences that create wellbeing and a better place to live.


Kalvín Restaurant & Penzion in Rastislavice, situated only 2 km from the thermal waters in Poľný Kesov , started fulfilling their plans even in these uneasy times effected by the coronavirus COVID-19.   Increased demand for accommodations in the Penzion asked for the enlargement of its capacity. The owners decided to "sacrifice" the existing office space and build a new Luxury family spa apartment. The apartment will be decorated in the top-of-the-line modern style providing quiet and...

The Slovak developer OMC Invest sro participates in Opočno on a working pilot project of starting apartments for car factory employees in Kvasiny in the Czech Republic.


For more than a year, a pilot project of starting flats has been in operation for employees of the car factory in Kvasiny. In Opočno, start-up flats were created for the core employees of the yeast automaker. It is a pilot cooperation of the largest employer in the region, the town hall and a private developer. The aim is to ensure decent housing for plant workers and for the city in the future and possible influx of residents. The project merged a private developer OMC Invest, which bought from the city dwellings...

Donate blood regularly, not only when tragedy happens


25.11.2019 17th exit of the National Transfusion Service of Slovakia from Nové Zámky took place in the premises of the pension Kalvín Restaurant & Pension in Rastislavice. The idea of addressing the collection center of the National Transfusion Service of the Slovak Republic in Nové Zámky and making the blood collection available to the citizens of the municipality of Rastislavice was made accessible or facilitated in 2014. The owners teamed up with the nurse responsible...

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