Crème de la crème


The guests of a classy event presenting prominent companies and their products had the opportunity to see, enjoy and taste Crème de la crème - the best of the best, on 9 September 2020 in Prague. Elite personalities from the field of Czech business were among the invited guests. The main partner of the event, OMC Invest, presented its development activities. The company has implemented several interesting and successful projects on the real estate market in Czech Republic this year. 

The perfectly and irresistibly prepared program attracted even the most demanding business man and offered a tasting of well-known world brands on the market supporting the event in partnership.

No brand can boast such a prestige and heritage as Rolls-Royce. A portfolio of remarkable and timeless vehicles is constantly pushing the boundaries of possibilities in the world of luxury. Each model is unique in its individuality and style, and all cars of this well-known brand have impressive and refined design.

Boucheron jewelry is characterized by beauty, elegance, artistic value and luxury, and many ladies would like to become their owners and keep them in their jewelry box or safe.

Crystal Caviar, unique crystal sculptures by Czech artists, presents not only luxurious accessories but also a valuable investment.

Ricard & Bonette is known for organizing car tours throughout Europe and its priority is unique adventure trips on exclusive vehicles.

Voix focuses on all the senses, offering prominent world brands focused on the most luxurious audio and the best video equipment on the market.

The secrets of modern and comfortable design were revealed by the interior studio Goldfish Interiors which presented their most successful works consisting of the newly established Smilovice residence and the reconstruction of residential premises carried out by OMC Invest.

Real beauty comes from the heart. Kateřina Sokolová, the finalist of Miss Czech Republic, embodies the fact that even a beautiful model can have a big heart and help those who need it the most. The guests of this event were able to donate to her foundation AutTalk supporting children with autism spectrum disorders and their families.

The rich program offered a truly variable tasting of exclusive products and services which are mostly at the top of perfection, sophistication and luxury, and are labeled by resonant brands confirming their quality and longevity on the market.

The guests enjoyed not only the experience and information from the non-traditional event but also pleasant atmosphere and gourmet catering. Slovak piano virtuoso Jozef Hollý also involved an auditory sense of audience with a captivating music of world-famous compositions.

Only the best from the best items were selected to the event, therefore the event could not have a more suitable name than Crème de la crème.