Donate blood regularly, not only when tragedy happens


25.11.2019 17th exit of the National Transfusion Service of Slovakia from Nové Zámky took place in the premises of the pension Kalvín Restaurant & Pension in Rastislavice. The idea of addressing the collection center of the National Transfusion Service of the Slovak Republic in Nové Zámky and making the blood collection available to the citizens of the municipality of Rastislavice was made accessible or facilitated in 2014. The owners teamed up with the nurse responsible for recruiting blood donors and asked if they could get involved and help regularly. Since then, blood collection takes place in their guesthouse 3 times a year.

“The collection is regularly attended by persons who register directly with us, fill in the Blood Donor Questionnaire and on the basis of it and the medical examination the doctor present determines the suitability of the donor. Everything is exactly the same as when donating blood in a hospital. Directly in the guesthouse is ready for us a special room in which the medical staff has prepared all the necessary equipment for the collection. I will tell you that we really like to come here, it is an extremely pleasant and beautiful environment, ”said Helena Hlaváčková, the chairwoman of the Red Cross in charge of blood collection in Rastislavice.

Of course, donors are also employees and company owners who come whenever they can. The number of active donors stabilized at the number of 15-20 persons every 4 months. As the allowable time interval between individual donations is every 3 months for men and every 4 months for women.

Outbound blood sampling is more popular not only because of proximity, but also helps to overcome fear to new prospects. By their example, regular donors often "attract" to others, and gradually the mass donation becomes a kind of feast of humanity.

“We strive to provide people with a noble heart with such a comfort, which is provided not only for a cozy environment, but also for refreshments. But this is very little offered for what donors do selflessly for people they may never encounter in their lives. And who knows, maybe we have helped in the tragedy that happened recently on the road, ” said Tomas Rozic, the pension manager and he adds: "Celebrate the next day of humanity with us and make a note on the calendar on the last Monday or Friday in March 2020, for which another blood collection is planned at our pension."