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Sixty Rented Apartments Will Be Built In Opočno, Czech Republic

O.M.C. Invest has been operating in the development segment for more than 10 years. After successful projects in Slovakia, an opportunity for a new housing and construction project in the Czech Republic has come. In cooperation with the local self-government, the Residential zone Opočno was established. In the area below the mountains Orlické hory, a new residential area including a complete infrastructure will be built.

In September, Slovak development company O.M.C. Invest launched the completion and reconstruction of 60 rented apartments in the Czech Republic. The company realizes rental housing in an industrial area in Opočno, Hradec-Králové Region. "There is an enormous growth of industry in this region and a lack of quality housing for employees of different manufacturing factories," comments Mário Červenka, CEO, O.M.C. Invest. Housing is situated on the periphery of the town in the already developed area overlooking the mountains Orlické hory. There are two apartment buildings consisting of 32 dwelling units of size 35m2 to 68m2, and one apartment house with 36 dwelling units of comparable size. Building contractor is the company AMINA, s r.o., led by Ing. arch. Dušan Semančík. A complex infrastructure, shops, kindergarten, school and social services are within range of residential buildings. "Finalization of apartments is planned for 2Q/2018. Most of the rented apartments have already been contracted for the production plant in the region concerned," says Ing. Stanislav Švajčík, CFO, O.M.C. Invest.