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Premises of Kalvín Pension in the Village Rastislavice Hosted Exceptional Guests

8On 16 February 2017 was held a charity concert with a symbolic name "SOM KTO SOM" ("I AM WHO I AM") under the auspices of Ing. Ladislav Dobrodenka, CSc., the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the SCCI and his wife Oľga. The concert was dedicated as thanks for the hard, unwavering and very difficult work of two ladies - PhDr. Mária Trenčanová, the director of the social service home of OZ Čistá duša, civil association, and PhDr. Eva Mišovcová, Deputy Director.

The main purpose of the charity event was a charity fund-raising to improve services of association, to buy therapeutic devices and to support art-therapy. "Clients of OZ Čistá duša, civil association, are young disadvantaged people who need a professional care. OZ Čistá duša, civil association, also ensures that families are disburdened during a working day and thus may have the conditions for the running of family life." says director of OZ Čistá duša, civil associaton. "Charity concert organized by O.M.C. Invest was at a high level." says Mário Červenka, CEO. The invitation was accepted by representatives of important Slovak and Czech companies as well as major medical society. "The main guest of the evening was a pianist Jozef Hollý with a string accompaniment, and I think that the performance has met our expectations to offer a quality experience with a noble intention." says Jana Červenková, the wife of CEO of O.M.C. Invest.