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As This Year´s Priority Agricultural Businesses Consider Subsidies and Land Lease, Only One Tenth of Them Is Going To Begin Organic Production

6 March 2017, Bratislava

As key priorities for 2017 are considered, according to directors of agricultural companies, obtaining state subsidies and lease, eventually purchase of agricultural land. The less important fot them is pastures extention and a change in number of employees. Only a half of agricultural companies is going to begin an organic production. Slovak agricultural companies currently supply domestic customers by a third of their production. They would like to increase this number up to 85 percent.

This results from the Quarterly Analysis of Slovak Agriculture Q1/2017 processed by CEEC Research, the analyst firm, in cooperation with O.M.C. Invest. 

Sixty Rented Apartments Will Be Built In Opočno, Czech Republic

O.M.C. Invest has been operating in the development segment for more than 10 years. After successful projects in Slovakia, an opportunity for a new housing and construction project in the Czech Republic has come. In cooperation with the local self-government, the Residential zone Opočno was established. In the area below the mountains Orlické hory, a new residential area including a complete infrastructure will be built.

Premises of Kalvín Pension in the Village Rastislavice Hosted Exceptional Guests

8On 16 February 2017 was held a charity concert with a symbolic name "SOM KTO SOM" ("I AM WHO I AM") under the auspices of Ing. Ladislav Dobrodenka, CSc., the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the SCCI and his wife Oľga. The concert was dedicated as thanks for the hard, unwavering and very difficult work of two ladies - PhDr. Mária Trenčanová, the director of the social service home of OZ Čistá duša, civil association, and PhDr. Eva Mišovcová, Deputy Director.

Slovak Agriculture Awaits 1.1 Percent Drop in Production, Sales Should Increase Slightly

5 January 2017, Bratislava

Performance of Slovak agriculture awaits in 2017 a decline by an average of 1.1 percent, subsequently agricultural production should stagnate next year. Slovak farmers sales should increase by 0.4 percent, large differences are in the issue of production depending on its orientation. In this respect, companies focusing on plant production are more pessimistic. Agricultural companies have currently made contracts for 8.4 months. This results from the Quarterly Analysis of Slovak Agriculture Q4/2016 processed by the analyst firm CEEC Research in cooperation with the O.M.C. Invest.

Kalvín Wood and Elihome Attended a Record Fair of Furniture and Living 2017 in Nitra

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7. - 12. March 2017, Nitra

In early March, the 27th annual International Fair of Furniture, Home Accessories, Design and Architecture was held in Nitra. Exhibition annually brings the latest trends and is a source of inspiration. This year, it involved more than 400 exhibitors and attracted nearly 83,000 visitors among the public and professionals. Two divisions of O.M.C. Invest exhibited again; Kalvín Wood, Slovak manufacturer of solid furniture and Elihome.sk, shop and online store with home accessories and decorations.

The Competitiveness of Slovak Farmers Is Mostly Undermined by Subsidized Food Imports from Abroad

28 December 2016, Bratislava

Slovak agriculture is competitive only according to the six of ten directors of agricultural holdings and cooperatives, while less than a third of companies found new outlets during the year 2016. The main reason of low competitiveness is, according to directors of agricultural companies, subsidized food from abroad. According to them, the situation could be improved by greater social awareness of the benefits of domestic raw materials. This results from the Quarterly Analysis of Slovak Agriculture Q4/2016 processed by the analyst firm CEEC Research in cooperation with the O.M.C. Invest.

Minister Matečná: We Want To Support Slovak Food, Protect Land And Farmers

14 March 2017, Bratislava

On Tuesday, 14 March, the conference Leaders of Slovak Agriculture Meeting was held in Radison Blu Carlton Hotel in Bratislava. Discussion on the current state and future development of Slovak agriculture with top representatives of government and directors of Slovak agricultural companies was held for the third time. The debate was also attended by other important representatives of Slovak agriculture in the audience, in total more than 300 VIP company representatives. The general partner of the conference was again O.M.C. Invest company.

Value of Anounced Contracts for Construction Works Is the Lowest In Last Four Years

19 January 2017, Bratislava

From January to November 2016, investors announced a total of 2,828 contracts for construction works with a total value of EUR 1.88 billion and it is thus the lowest investment volume for the comparable period in the last four years, and thus for a period of monitoring. Trading activity in the completion of contracts has declined in recent months, but it still maintains a positive balance in numbers, as well as in the amount of awarded contracts. This results from the latest analysis processed by CEEC Research, the analyst firm, based on data provided by the Office for Public Procurement to the end of November 2016.