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Horne Luky Majcichov(Upper Meadows Majcichov)

The project "Horne Luky" offers a sensible housing with heart and panoramic view constructed on the warm southern mountainside in the pleasant village of Majcichov. It is an ideal for all those who wish to live in a quiet environment.


Slnecne diely(Sunny Sides)

"Slnecne diely" in the village of Sucha nad Parnou represents the type of romantic housing found only in the countryside. The nearby Oresany reservoir and vineyards make this locality beautiful and unique.


Construction Rastislavice

A new peaceful part of the village of Rastislavice may become home for those seeking superior housing combined with a peaceful country setting, along with a wide range of leisure activities and accessibility to bigger towns.


IBV Opoj

The residential zone IBV OPOJ is located in the built-up marginal part village OPOJ, entrying the village Majcihov. The residential zone is designed in a compact form of development with the street arrangement of building plots.